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"This is one of the smartest, sharpest, wittiest, most provocative and politically incorrect book of this crazy political season. MUST READ!"

Mitch Wolfe, a Harvard-educated political scientist and analyst takes you on a wild ride from Donald Trump’s announcement of his presidential run to and including the Republican and Democratic Conventions. His series of articles, comments and rants explain the inexplicable- the unbelievable rise of Trump and his capturing of the Trump White House. And the humiliating, crushing defeat of Hillary Clinton. 

This book is not for the faint-hearted or liberal elites. TRIGGER WARNINGS!

Please read in a safe space. 

Mitch Wolfe. 

Writer. Political Analyst. Social Commentator.

Mitch Wolfe’s true passion is covering and commenting on politics and culture - with humor and bite. He prides himself on being a populist, a contrarian, fiercely independent and politically incorrect. And though he is currently describing himself in the third person, he never takes himself too seriously.

He has written on politics, culture and entertainment for Huffington Post, iPolitics, The Rebel Media and Canada Free Press.

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